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Some of the pictures appearing in our book Beaverton: A Century in the Making - Click any picture to see a larger version.
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Ross Brothers Lumber Mill
Ross Brothers Shingle Mill
Workers at Smith Camp
Workers at Smith Camp
Ross Brothers Bandsaw Mill
Ross Bandsaw Mill Crew
Ross Explosion looking north
Methodist Church
Dr. Pierce's drug store
Ross Bandsaw Mill Crew
Inside Beaverton Elevator
Ross Brothers Store - about 1903
First Gas Station
Willis Lane - Standard Oil Delivery
Beaverton School - 1930s
Beaverton Pierce Hotel
Post Office Staff
Ice Harvest
Telephone Office
M-18 Bridges
Community Center
Brown Street looking East 1909
Train at depot
1906 Map
Car in front of Pierce office 1916
Bank Block - 1946
Ross Mill (1902-1935)
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