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221 W. Cedar Ave.  -  Gladwin, MI 48624  -  Phone (989) 426-9277
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Carriage House
Cabin on GCHS grounds
Cabin on GCHS grounds
Log utility building
GCHS Chapel
GCHS School House
SW on Cedar St
Very early Cedar Avenue
Grout Baseball Team 1904
Bomanville Store circa 1900
Gladwin County Courthouse
Gladwin School
Inside Butman School
Students outside Butman school
Gladwin Stockyards
Beaverton Pierce Hotel
Joseph Doan family - Cherry Hill
Leo Fitzpatrick's award-winning barn
Gladwin's Train Station in 1915
Community of Oberlin
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Gladwin County Historical Museum  -  221 W. Cedar Ave.  -  Gladwin, MI 48624  -  Phone (989) 426-9277